For Debt Sellers, Brokers and Buyers

DebtMiner offered debt sellers and brokers the ability provide potential buyers an in-depth analysis and stratification of delinquent debt portfolios. It gave debt sellers and brokers the simple and secure tools necessary to allow debt buyers assess a debt portfolio to make purchase decisions without sharing any private consumer data or protected health information.

Unfortunately, on December 10th, 2021, DebtMiner has been discontinued.

Not because it wasn't a great! We blew it when it came to promoting the greatness of the service and getting the word out. The clients we did have loved it! Ultimately, the decision was made to discontinue the service due to the low utilization of the DebtMiner service.

Are you a Debt Seller or Broker Still Interested?

The tools and technology DebtMiner offered is still available for debt sellers and brokers that are seriously interested in the platform.

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